Art As A Mental Therapist

by Skyblue

Did you know a few studies states that journaling and doodling are great tools for coping up with anxiety and stress? Journaling is a highly recommended as a stress management tool. Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of journaling for health, happiness, and stress management and the best part is, you don’t even have to be an artist for journaling. There are no written rules to maintain in this form of art as far as you are happy with the results. You are just a few steps away from being your own mental therapist.

How to start off with a super busy day?

Grab your favourite journal from the collection and head to kick start your day by answering three easy questions:

  1. What would make your day today? (can be anything, let’s say- treat yourself with your favourite dish or hobby or movie)
  2. Affirmations of the day. (I am going to be my best version today)
  3. Three most important things to finish off today. (Office work, college assignments, cleaning)

Take a new day as a new page!!!

Every new day or a new month is a new journey towards life. Every day is a chance to bring out a better version of yourself. Write your journal before going to bed and mention how you want your next day want to be, irrespective of how today was. Planning out your day prior gives a vision and positive attitude for the next day and there by holding a good grip to your plan.

Doodle your day out:

Doodling is a super fun activity. The best part is doodle is not a realistic drawing, you are free to play with the sizes and shapes of the object and show case in the way you want it to be. You need not have to add any extra effort to draw a doodle to your journal, you can be your own boss. Doodle out main things you will be doing for the day as highlights to your daily journal to stand out from a boring routine. You can draw fun food doodles if you are planning to cook for that day or add cute littles plants if you planning to do gardening. Just name an activity and there is always a space for a fun doodle to add.

Lettering out “Quote of the day”

Adding affirmations to the daily journal can actually turn on the spark of the day. Studies say that starting your day with a positive thought can actually do wonders. Lettering out the quote according to your day can ease your day (10X) times. Positive quote can actually boost up the mood instantly and do the things as it takes. Writing it down leaves a more powerful impact on the person rather than reading the quote for moving forward every passing day.

Track your growth

Once you start journaling on daily or weekly basis you will be able to see growth of your mental stability. Every passing day it just gets better and there are visible changes in the behaviour. The anxiety issues get treated, the level of stress falls and so does the depression levels.Journaling not only adds spice to your routine but also works as your mental therapist.

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