Best Paint Brushes for Artists of All Skill Levels

by Skyblue

Ask any professional painter, and they'll tell you that selecting the right paintbrush can make or break your work. Whether you're creating artwork for your wall or painting the wall itself, the right paintbrush will bring your vision to life with greater precision.

But with so many shapes, sizes, and the quality of bristles, the choice can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you're new to painting.

Hence, to help with the proper selection, we've broken down the different paintbrushes used for varied purposes. We've also picked out some of the best paint brushes to make your brush hunt even more effortless. So let's get started -

Painting Brush Shape

The shape of the bristle affects your painting job more than you can imagine. They influence the marks you make and have a massive impact on your creation's final look.

Depending on how fine a line you want to draw, what surface area you wish to cover, or how much texture you want to add, you can choose from round, flat, angled, moped, or linear shapes.

Let's look at each in detail.

Types of Brushes for Painting

Wash Brush

Wash brushes are large brushes with soft bristles. The best paintbrush for watercolor, a wash brush helps you cover large areas or create washes of color. You can also use them to add a thin glaze over drying layers.

Our Pick

Camel Artist Water Colour

Angled Brush

Angled brushes have an angled edge, as the name suggests. They help you create sharp, fine lines with precision and fill corners that are hard to reach.

Our Pick

Brustro Synthetic
  • Name: Brustro Synthetic Hair Brush Set
  • Material: Synthetic, Wood
  • Brand: Brustro
  • Paint type: Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic
  • Price: Rs 999 for a set of 15 (Angled, round, flat, filbert, and liner)

Flat Brush

Flat brushes are made to fill large spaces with bold strokes. They are ideal for places where wash brushes would seem too large. They give you excellent coverage with better control than the wash brush.

Our Pick

Camel Brush Flat
  • Name: Camel Brush Flat
  • Material: Synthetic Hair, Wooden handle
  • Brand: Camlin
  • Paint Type: Watercolor, Acrylic
  • Price: Rs 450 for a set of seven

Fan Brush

The fan-shaped tip of this brush can help you create interesting textures while painting trees, grasses, clouds, and other natural elements. They are also great at adding subtle highlights to darker areas.

Our Pick

Doms Water Colour Cakes
  • Name: Brustro Greengold Fan Brush
  • Material: Synthetic bristle, Wooden handle
  • Brand: Brustro
  • Paint type: Acrylic, gouache, oil, and watercolors
  • Price: Rs 199

Round Brush

Round brushes are smaller brushes with a close gathering of bristles, giving them a rounded tip. Their narrow design gives you maximum control while filling in smaller areas. You can vary the pressure on the brush to create thick lines or delicate details, as per the requirement.

Our Pick

Doms Water Colour

Liner Brush

Liner, also known as a rigger brush, is a brush with very long bristles. They are the best paintbrushes for thin lines required for creating fine details in the artwork. You can use them with acrylic paint or ink to add text or signature to your pages.

Our Pick

Faber Castell Creative
  • Name: Brustro Synthetic Hair Brush Set
  • Material: Synthetic, Wood
  • Brand: Brustro
  • Paint type: Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic
  • Price: Rs 999 for a set of 15 (Liner, angled, round, flat, and filbert)

Filbert Brush

Filberts are rectangular-shaped brushes that come into an oval at the tip. You can use these versatile brushes for both details and coverage. They are fun to paint beards, grass, hair feathers, fur, or woodgrains.

Our Pick

Faber Castell Water colours
  • Name: Brustro Synthetic Hair Brush Set
  • Material: Synthetic, Wood
  • Brand: Brustro
  • Paint type: Oil, Watercolor, Acrylic
  • Price: Rs 999 for a set of 15 (Filbert, liner, angled, round, and flat)

List of Best Paint Brushes

Now that we've differentiated the brush shapes let's identify the best paintbrush set for artists based on their purpose.

Best for Walls

A flat brush is naturally the best choice for painting walls. Go for good-quality bristles for easy touch-ups and a smooth finish.

Our Pick

Keyroad Water Color

Best Ergonomic

There's no better choice for a professional painter than an ergonomic paintbrush. The paintbrush is meticulously designed to reduce muscle fatigue while giving superior control for a professional quality finishing.

Our Pick

Pebeo Studio Aquarelle Water Colours

For a Large Area

If you want to cover a large area quickly, you better go for oval mop brushes. Oval mop brushes can paint large washes and are ideal for painting landscapes, sky, or sea.

Our Pick

Mop Brush Size
  • Name: Mop Brush Size 24
  • Material: Synthetic, Wood
  • Brand: Skyblue Stationery Mart
  • Price: Rs 230

Best for Oil Based Paints

Professionals suggest natural China-bristle or natural hog bristle for oil-based paints. The soft bristles absorb the heavier paints and distribute them equally on the surface.

Our Pick

Mont Marte Brush Set In Wallet

To Conclude

It is rightly said that choosing the appropriate brush is as important as choosing the right paint. The round, angled, flat, or fan brushes, are all uniquely designed to serve different purposes. The best brush for acrylic paint may not be the best paintbrush for watercolor and so on. Not just the shape, the hair material also matters. For instance, the best brush material for acrylic paint could be synthetic nylon, while natural hair is preferable for watercolor. So do ensure to pick the best paintbrush set and turn your artwork into a masterpiece!


Q 1. Why are Purdy brushes so expensive?

Purdy brushes are professionally designed hand-made brushes for maximum painting performance. The brush handles are made from the finest quality material. Hence they do not get loose or break the way ordinary brushes do, especially the low-cost ones. Because of the detailing and precision that goes into making Purdy brushes, their price is slightly on the higher side.

Q 2. Is there a difference between cheap and expensive paint?

The difference in their quality makes paint cheap or expensive. Unlike premium paints, cheap paints don't give even coverage. So you may end up having to apply multiple coats. Expensive paints are also better in terms of color quality and longevity. They can last for years without peeling, chipping, or fading away. That's why most quality paints come with warranties, a feature that is absent in low-quality inexpensive paints.

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