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Earlier, pens were used in art work, now days they are not only considered as writing tools but also for expressing emotions. They are a crucial part of our life from the day, we start learning. Sometimes, pens define the daily needs, sometimes it defines the status. A premium pen brand signifies the class and style of a person, it will complete

There are numerous reasons why luxury pens come at a cost. None of them are particularly surprising. When you purchase a high quality luxury pen, you are often purchasing a family heirloom, a collectible item, a commemorative item, or an item that brings additional purpose and meaning to your writing.

If you are looking for the perfect gift or the best way to commemorate a special occasion, it’s hard to go wrong with one of the best luxury pens.

Mont Blanc:As we all know about the leading creators of luxury writing instruments is the Montblanc brand . The story of Montblanc origin began in 1906 , here is the interesting fact about the name Montblanc which is based on the famous Mont Blanc mountain in Germany. Each Meisterstück pen has the number 4810 engraved on the nibs to represent the height of the Mont Blanc mountain, while the white snowcap, which adorns every Meisterstück cap, symbolizes the peak of the mountain with its six glacier valley. In addition to the fountain pen, the Montblanc Meisterstück is also available as a roller ball, ballpoint pen, fine liner, mechanical pencil and a document marker.

Parker: George Parker was the founder of the Pen Parker Company in 1888. In the year 1889, he got his first patent for a fountain pen. His pen factory was the biggest pen factory in the world by 1908 and created one of the biggest pen brands in the world. Do you know The Parker Company created one of the most famous and the most widely used model of a fountain pen in history, the Parker 51. Parker 51 was sold in more of $400 million worth through its thirty years of history.

Parker is one of those pen brands that are recognized by most people around the world. The pens they make are highly reliable and the price range is affordable for almost every one.

Even in the digital age, a beautiful pen is a highly desirable object. These Parker pens are the perfect combination of design, ergonomics and style and will bring a touch of authenticity and pure luxury to your everyday communications. Parker has always been at the forefront of technology and innovation in their industry, which is why they produce some of the most sought-after pens in the world.

Cross:Cross are regarded as America’s oldest manufacturer of writing instruments. Cross are regarded as America’s oldest manufacturer of writing instruments. Did you know Cross are the official supplier of pens to The White House? From Reagan to Trump, presidents have signed legislation using cross pens, with Obama, Bush and Clinton favoring the most popular Cross collections!

Start using Cross reservoir pen and you'll observe a visible improvement in your handwriting. Through its delicate and comfortable writing quality, the pen encourages you to form your letters more gracefully. So if you want your handwriting to get better, Cross pen can be your friend helping you achieve just that. Ordinary pens only offer temporary value, but Cross pens offer timeless value and appeal. These pens are of exceptional robust quality meaning they can be used not just today and tomorrow but even for years down the line.

Sheaffer:In 1912, Walter A. Sheaffer took his idea of a pen-filling apparatus that utilized a lever system and, with his life savings, founded the W.A. Sheaffer Pen Company in Fort Madison, Iowa. The company was established in the backroom of Mr. Sheaffer's jewelry store with seven employees, and was incorporated a year later, in 1913. In 1920, Sheaffer introduced the Lifetime pen which came with a lifetime guarantee and an $8.75 price tag (the equivalent of approximately $100 today).

Sheaffer currently manufactures thirteen models of luxury writing instruments, including: Taranis, Legacy Heritage, Prelude, Prelude Mini, Sagaris, Intensity, 500, 300, 200, 100, Stylus, Sentinel, and VFM. One of the popular Sheaffer fountain pen was the low-cost "School Pen.

Waterman:Lewis Edson Waterman (1837 - 1901) was the inventor of the capillary feed fountain pen and the founder of Ideal Pen Company and Waterman Pen Company. He noticed that fountain pens of the time didn’t have any control over the flow of ink which caused leaking of ink. He and his brother Elijah started experimenting with different tubes and in the end, they found out that if air is let into an ink reservoir of a fountain pen through capillary pipes, ink will flow out of the reservoir under the force of gravity but slow enough not to cause leaking.

One of the interesting facts about First Waterman pens is that it was made up of hard rubber and had 14K gold nibs. A number of pens produced in those early years means that these fountain pens can still be found today and because of the quality of their production their nibs are prized for their smoothness and flexibility.

Sailor:Established in 1911, the Sailor pen brand came to be after its founder, Kyogoro Sakata, was gifted a fountain pen by a sailor friend who was returning to Japan from the UK. Kyogoro Sakata, an engineer, loved this gift so much, he instantly decided he wanted to produce similar products in Japan. They are known primarily for their 14kt and 21kt gold nib fountain pens with a focus on quality, and an extensive line of bottled ink colors.

The fountain pens are primarily divided into two models: the 1911 and the Pro Gear. The 1911 features a rounded cigar shape, while the Pro Gear has a flat top design. Each of these models comes in different size variations.

There are seven different nib sizes available for most Sailor pens: Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium Fine, Medium, Broad, Music, and Zoom.

All of these sizes are available in a smaller 14kt nib on the 1911S or Pro Gear Slim, and the larger 21kt nib on the 1911L or Pro Gear.

Lamy:Josef Lamy, who was a sales representative for Parker Pen in Germany, founded the business in 1930 by purchasing the Orthos pen manufacturer. Lamy was a pioneer in the use of moulded synthetic plastics to make their products. The LAMY Safari was launched on the market in the eighties and fascinated people with its avant-garde design. Initially, these writing tools were supposed to be used by students, but they became appreciated by users of all ages.

Lamy produces multisystem pens, which combine a ballpoint and another feature within the one pen, such as the Pickup, which integrates a ballpoint and a highlighter into one body. The highlighter is released from the body of the pen by depressing a button on the body of the pen, and can be reinserted into the body of the pen. The Pickup was designed by Wolfgang Fabian, and has won the red dot award for product design.

Hugo boss:The history of Hugo Boss traces back to 1924 when it was first established as a clothing company by founder Hugo Boss in Metzingen, Germany. Today it is an unparallel name in the world of premium and luxury products that focuses on producing quality and extravagant fashion and accessories for men and women. But before it became the regal brand that it is today, Hugo Boss went into bankruptcy in 1931 with only six sewing machines to start with again. Hugo Boss has rightfully earned the status of a market leader. From a clothing line to taking over the world market of luxury products, Hugo Boss has proved its value.

All the Ballpoint Pens from the Hugo Boss collection have the new "slow-mechanism" silent opening and closing system. Super discreet and virtually unbreakable, it will withstand all sleeping hands and will not disturb your table neighbors at all. The Hugo Boss 'Sophisticated' range features sleek, slim pens in chrome or black and chrome.

Platinum:Platinum are a big Japanese pen manufacturer, one of the leading pen makers in the world. The beginnings of Platinum go back to 1919, when Shunichi Nakata began selling fountain pens.

They're less well-known outside Japan, but have been very influential, and their pens are highly respected - especially their fountain pens. They're an innovative company, and are still working to improve their pens and pencils, with new products appearing regularly, and existing products always being improved. Platinum make a very wide range of products, including fountain pens from semi-disposable pens like the Preppy, at under ₹437.83, up to high-end handcrafted fountain pens costing many hundreds of pounds. They also make some innovative mechanical pencils, with special mechanisms to prevent lead breakage, and to make use of every last bit of lead, helping to prevent waste.

Monte Verde:Though a relatively young brand, founded in 1978, Monteverde pens are gaining increasing popularity within the U.S. market. When you purchase a Montverde regular or limited edition pen, you receive both a fashionable and reliable pen as well as a high-quality refill which inspire generations of writers, both young and old.

Materials that go into the creation of the pens come from suppliers located throughout Europe to ensure that the finest resins, celluloid’s and carbon fibers are sourced, before the construction takes place. The pens are hand crafted, meaning that individuality is ensured, and their instantly recognizable barrel designs have achieved worldwide recognition. Ballpoint, fountain, roller ball and pencil types are all covered within the Monteverde brand, with various shapes and styles across all versions. Different materials are also used, which include wood, carbon fiber and shell.

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