Top 18 Stationery Items for School

by Skyblue

Is your kid ready to go to school after this prolonged period of schooling from home? While you have gotten the new books and exercise copies, certain vital factors are often not considered - yes, we're talking about stationery items.

Stationery items in school are often relegated to school bags and writing aids. While these two are of utmost importance, modern kids need numerous other stationery items that would increase their productivity, lessen their pressure, and help them study. Here is a list of 18 stationery items that every modern-day school-going kid requires -

1. School Bag

Best Schoolbags for boys & girls

This is an absolute no-brainer but hear us out. With numerous schools requiring literally 25-30 books to be carried by the students daily, it is essential that you invest in a school bag. Modern times call for bags with broad shoulder pads to help the kids carry them easily without any pain. Furthermore, the bags should have enough pockets to stuff numerous other stationery items - this increases their productivity and saves ample time.

If you're looking for the perfect school bag tailor-made for the modern schoolgoers, look no further than Sky Blue Stationery Mart's bags. Easy on the pockets and agronomical to suit the current day requirements, find a range of bags in various prints and styles to choose from here!

2. Water Bottle

School water bottle for Girls & Boys

Gone are the days when children would happily carry big chunky water bottles to school. The modern school and its stringent routine require simple and easy-to-carry bottles that are a breeze to maintain, non-toxic, and easily refillable at school. SkyBlue Stationery Mart's range of stainless steel water bottles in vivid hues fit the bill perfectly. Available as both thermos flasks and sipper bottles, choose from various options according to your kid's requirements here.

3. Highlighter Pen

Best highlighter pen for School kids

We cannot stress the requirement of this product enough. A highlighter pen to underline the important passages in the books dictated by the teachers help the students study real smart. Highlighter pens in a couple of colors enable smart study by categorizing the various passages or sums according to their importance. Before exams, these highlighted passages come in handy to wrap up quick revisions. Available in single pieces and in a set of three and four, get hold of some lovely, long-lasting highlighter pens here.

4. Notepad

Best Notepad for school boys & girls

Notepads are not only great stationery for adults but also for students who love to keep every task sorted so that they don't miss out on any particular homework or assignment. In fact, if you wish to instill the idea of productivity and smart work in your child, adding a notepad to the stationery items list for school is of great importance. Buy your kid a notepad suited to their requirement from SkyBlue Stationery Mart's website.

5. Pencil-Sharpener

Best Pencil Sharpener for students

One of the oldest yet most important items in our stationery items for school is a pencil-sharpener. No matter how many pencils you carry, having a pencil sharpener is always an added advantage. Imagine you have to perform some vital geometry sums, and your pencil is not sharp enough. Under such circumstances, a pencil-sharpener becomes your BFF! Explore a vivid range of pencil sharpeners here.

6. Pencil Case

Best pencil case for students

While this might seem like a no-brainer, we have seen many school students carrying their writing aids in one of the numerous pouches of their school bags. Needless to say, finding your way inside that pouch to get an eraser or a small pencil is always time-consuming and impractical. The smart way is to have a pencil case to keep all your writing essentials. Browse through a variety of smart pencil cases only on SkyBlue Stationery Mart.

7. Eraser

Best Erasers for Students

Whether your kids are in junior school or high school, having an eraser or two in their pencil cases is mandatory for practicing neat handwriting. If your kid has reached a point where they must write using pens, make sure you keep a couple of ink erasers in their pencil case. You may browse through a wide range of erasers here.

8. Drawing Books

Best drawing books for school/college students

As a parent, you must be trying to keep your kid's initial paintings intact, right? In that case, give your child SkyBlue Stationery Mart's choicest drawing books that come with acid-free papers, which don't change colors or fade over time. If your kid is of a higher standard, these drawing books will be all the more useful as the pages are thicker, enabling the use of various media (like oil painting, acrylic, pastels, watercolors, etc.), to be used freely.

9. Pens

Best Pens for school/college students

Can you ever imagine the life of a student without this particular item? One of the most indispensable items in the stationery items for school, pens come in different styles - ballpoint pens, gel pens, and ink pens, to name a few. But what if we say you can have access to buy over 80 types of pens and refills online from the best brands with the click of just one button? Buy your kids their favorite pens online from here.

10. Notebooks

Best notebooks for school/college students

A student can never have enough notebooks. Although schools generally give a stash of exercise books alongside workbooks every year, they are never enough to last a year. To keep the rough work, assignments, and classwork of all the subjects organized and neatly segregated, having notebooks of different shapes and thicknesses can be a good idea. Browse through a variety of high-quality notebooks for all ages under a single roof at SkyBlue Stationery Mart.

Other Essential Items for School

While the above were some of the indispensable items from our stationery items list for school, here's a list of some more items that you may get your children to make them perfectionists -

1. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes for students

With high school students always under pressure to handle 7-8 subjects and complete tuition assignments, having sticky notes to help them remember the assignment dates or important pages from the book for revision right before the exams may come as a boon. Browse and buy sticky notes from a varied range here.

2. Paper Clips

Paper clips for students

From clipping pages of important mathematical formulae on the bulletin boards to keeping loose sheets of notes organized, paper clips are essential, especially for students studying for important examinations. Browse through a variety of paper clips in various sizes and prices here.

3. Tapes

Tapes for students

Tapes are students 'best friends', from mending torn books to decorating personal notebooks. If your kid is a perfectionist at heart, we're sure he'll need a lot of tapes on his study table. Buy various types of tapes under a single roof only on SkyBlue Stationery Mart.

4. Colors

Colours for students

There is probably no kid on the planet who doesn't get attracted to colors. However, as a parent, you should always make sure the colors you give to your kids are non-toxic. Browse through a vivid range of colors in different media that are not just beginner-friendly but also great for high school students only on SkyBlue Stationery Mart.

5. Lunch Boxes

Lunch Boxes for students

A kid's favorite item in an entire list of stationery items for school has to be a lunch box. A modern lunch box for kids must be fuss-free and non-toxic, which can keep the food warm or cold for a long time without taking away its nutrition and looking exciting. Browse through various such lunch boxes from the comfort of your homes only on SkyBlue Stationery Mart.

6. Pen Stands

Pen Stands for Students

A good student always carries pencil boxes to school, but a smart student has one pencil box for school and a pen stand for the study table at home. This ensures the student does not miss out on carrying the pencil box to school and has the proper inventory to work at home without wasting much time. Browse through a variety of fun yet non-fussy pen stands here.

7. Staplers

Stappelers for students

From arranging and organizing loose note sheets together to mending torn sheets from exercise books, one stapler goes a long way in keeping a student organized and productive while studying. Nowadays, staplers come in various sizes. Browse through them and buy the one that suits your kid's requirements here.

8. Scissors

Scissors for students

We don't have to enumerate the reasons to have a pair of scissors on your kid's study table, do we? Scissors are one of the most vital items in your child's stationery items list for school and come in handy during covering books, working on crafts, projects, etc. Browse through a variety of kid-friendly scissors only at SkyBlue Stationery Mart.


A good inventory of stationery items for school kids goes a long way to ensure productivity and instills values of good work in your kids from a tender age. You will be surprised to see how efficient and smart work leaves your kids ample time to play and pursue various hobbies. Hopefully, our list of stationery items for school will come in handy and prepare your child to work smart and efficiently always. A website dedicated just to stationery - you can now buy the most premium quality stationery from the comfort of your home from SkyBlue Stationery Mart.


Q 1. What do I need to bring to school?

A. The most vital items to bring to school are bags, pencil-pen kit, erasers, pencil sharpeners, scales, water bottles, and a lunch box. Always ensure you have a separate pencil box for your school and one for the home to avoid missing out on bringing your pencils or pens to school.

Q 2. What is the difference between stationery and stationary?

A. The word "stationary" means something stationed at or unmovable from a particular place or position. For example, the stars are stationary celestial objects. The word "stationery" means writing or office items necessary to be carried to the office or school, or other educational institutions. Pen, pencils, scales, sticky notes, staplers, etc., fall under "stationery" items.

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