Zen Art Therapy Workshop

Art is a therapy to express your emotions and thoughts in your way

If you wanna take out some time from boredom and busy schedules, this is a perfect way to cure your stress and boredom, Get relaxed with our therapeutic Zen art workshop on Sunday.

You don't need to be creative and artistic.

Juzzz Go with the flow and express your ideas


What to expect from this workshop?

1.What is Zentangle ART?
2.Theraputic art practice & drills that would improve concentration
3.Learning more than 10 Patterns of Zentangle , Doodle, Free form tangle
4.Create your art in your style and imagination
5.Certificate of participation

Date:- 29 January 2023
Time slots:- 11am & 3pm
Fees:- ₹350 (including all materials)
Venue:-Skyblue Stationery Mart, Satellite
Artist:- Anuroop Kaur Gill

Registration link

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