Buy Oil Paint Brushes

    Are you looking for oil paint brushes? Skyblue Stationery Mart has a great collection of high-quality oil painting brushes in India. But first, you need to consider the following factors that can help you make the right choice.

    Factors to Consider While Selecting Professional Oil Paint Brushes

    Carefully examining the following aspects of a good oil paint brush will help you create great paintings any day.


    Brush size is measured at the ferrule (the part where the bristles are attached). If you are working with larger canvases (14”x18” canvas, for example), larger brush sizes are better as they provide more area of paint in fewer strokes. For smaller canvases, you can size your brushes down.

    Sizing oil paint brushes for beginners is as easy as deciding what to paint!


    The shape of a brush serves various purposes in a painting:

    • Flat brushes are ideal for painting clean edges and distribute color evenly
    • Round brushes are standard brushes that can be used to draw any type of line
    • Bright brushes are like flat brushes, but their bristles are shorter
    • Filbert brushes are flat but rounded at the tip – like a combination of the flat and round brush
    • Fan brushes are shaped like a hand fan and can be used for blending and texturing


    Each material used in making oil paint brush sets delivers its own unique advantages for the artist and the painting. The following materials are the most popularly used in oil paint brushes:

    • Sable and mongoose paint brushes are best for impasto and glazing
    • Hog paint brushes are versatile and can be used for priming, sketching, impasto, scumbling, and dry brushing
    • Synthetic brushes can be used for sketching, glazing, and varnishing Make your selection based on the oil paint brush price, as some of these materials may be costlier than others.


    Paint brush handles are a matter of personal choice. Long-handled brushes are a classic model for oil brushes and allow the artists to keep an observational distance from the painting while working on it. On the other hand, brushes with shorter handles offer more balance and control over the strokes.

    Brush handles are made of different materials, like plastic, wood, glass, or even synthetic materials. It depends on your preference and grip. Wooden handle brushes may be costlier than plastic and synthetic ones.

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