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    Remember a time when a new set of notebooks or a stylish pen filled you with fresh zeal to study? That’s the magic of stationery. School stationery items are not only essential supplies but also a fun way of making your children more interested in studies. From diaries, pencil cases, notebooks, and ball pens, to art supplies, you can now buy all school and educational supplies online at Skyblue Stationery Mart at the most affordable prices.

    A List of the Best School Stationery Items


    A good quality pencil gives you smooth, dark writing and a comfortable grip, enabling you to write for a longer period. Buy high-quality pencils in packs from Skyblue Stationery Mart, so you never run out of them.


    Besides its regular function of erasing pencil marks, erasers are a fun addition to the pencil case. Available in many cute shapes, sizes, and colors, they brighten up your pencil box and mood like no other stationery.

    Highlighter Pen

    A highlighter is a useful tool to draw attention to important sections of your study material. Buy colorful highlighters from Skublue Stationery Mart and make reading more interesting.

    Pencil Cases

    Of course, you require a pencil case to hold all your stationery items in one place. They make school bags more organized and protect the delicate stationery items so they can be used for longer.


    Whether you require a hard-bound notebook for chemistry class or a laminated single-line notebook for English class, you can find them all at Skyblue Stationery Mart. Choose from various shapes, sizes, and types of notebooks as required for each subject.

    School and Educational Supplies Online

    For Kindergarten and Lower Grade Students

    Supply your little one with a bunch of pencils and erasers as they will need them for writing practice. Apart from the usual supplies, they may also require additional notebooks, a pencil case, school art supplies, craft supplies, glue and adhesives, coloring books, activity books, etc. Here are some stationery items your kids are going to love:

    For Higher Grade Students

    A higher grade student will find more use for pens than pencils. A set of geometric tools and a calculator are necessary for mathematics class. They will also require highlighters, paper clips, sticky notes, etc., as they have much more to learn and memorize than lower-grade students. Check out some school bags items for them:

    Why Choose Skyblue Stationery Mart?

    Skyblue Stationery Mart is a one-stop destination for all educational supplies. Our online store features school stationery items from top brands, including Faber Castell, Doms, Camlin, Epoke, Camel, Keyroad, Apsara, and many more. You will also find all varieties of school art and craft supplies here that bring out your child's creative side.

    Skyblue Stationery Mart has fulfilled the stationery and gifting requirements of students, parents, and professionals for over 12 years. We ensure a hassle-free online stationery shopping experience, so your kid's school performance never gets affected.


    1. What do you need for back-to-school supplies?

    The primary educational supplies for schools include a pencil, eraser, sharpeners, ballpoint pens, pencil case, notebooks, calculator, geometric box, graph paper, lunch box, and a water bottle.

    2. What stationery do I need for year 11?

    The stationery requirements for grade 11 depending on the subjects you choose. However, the basic stationery items include pens, highlighters, sticky notes, pencil, geometric set, scientific calculator, file, file dividers, label, eraser, and sharpeners.

    3. What should I put in my pencil case?

    The essential items to carry in your pencil case are pencils, an eraser, a sharpener, and a ruler. You can also add a highlighter, coloring pencils, glue sticks, and scissors that can come in handy during classroom projects.