Brustro Greengold Fan Brush No.8
Brustro Greengold Fan Brush No.8
Brustro Greengold Fan Brush No.8

Brustro Greengold Fan Brush No.8

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  • Greengold brushes by Brustro are constructed with 3 different diameters of extra-strong, extra-smooth synthetic bristle are designed to meet international standards of quality with pearl nickel plated brass ferrules double crimped on a perfectly balanced dark green lacquered wooden handles which matches the tip of the bristles for the perfect creative experience. 
  • These brushes are very versatile and can be used for a variety of media.
  •  Ideal for acrylic, gouache, oil and also watercolours. These brushes keep their shape after long and vigorous use. 
  • The bristles are stiff, with a precise snap that makes them excellent for use with heavy-bodied acrylics and oils. 
  • They have long handles that allow artists to work at a distance from the painting surface. 
  • EASY CARE & RESHAPE – Simply clean brushes with warm water immediately after use and reshape brush tip.
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Brustro Greengold fan brush will become your new best friend if you’ve ever tried painting trees, grasses, shrubbery, or even abstract watery types of designs with acrylic paints.
Fan brushes, as the name would imply, have a fan shaped tip. These brushes are great for blending backgrounds and skies, as well as adding subtle highlights to darker areas.
You can also play around with a lot of different textures using a fan brush. If you tap the brush, you will get a different effect than if you simply create long brush strokes with it.
While we often associate these brushes for painting nature elements and landscapes in acrylics, these brushes can also be excellent for adding fun textures and different designs in your mixed media art journals and abstract paintings as well!
These brushes allow for sweeping and precise techniques for applying vivid watercolour washes, liquid inks and watercolours to canvas or paper.

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