Fujifilm Instant Film Mini Airmail - 10Sheet
Fujifilm Instant Film Mini Airmail - 10Sheet

Fujifilm Instant Film Mini Airmail - 10Sheet

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  • Brand : Fujifilm.
  • Material : Paper.
  • Model Name : Instax.
  • Film Format Type : Instant.
  • Compatible Devices Camera.
  • ISO Equivalent 800.
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Film Handling : Do not put this film in the mouth. Take special care to keep this film away from small children or pets. Each film sheet contains a caustic processing fluid. Never cut, tear or punch holes in unused films. Upon ejection from the camera, the film immediately begins to self-develop. The processing fluid in the film will be slightly caustic for about ten minutes. Avoid skin contact with this processing fluid during this time. Should you get some of this processing fluid on your skin, flush it off immediately with lots of water. If any of the fluid gets into your mouth or eyes, flush the affected area immediately with lots of water, then see your doctor. Film Storage: The photographic and physical properties of film are adversely affected by high temperature and humidity, as well as by formalin vapor and other harm-ful gases. To minimize these adverse effects, film should be stored in a dry, well ventilated place. Cameras loaded with film should be stored with as little exposure as possible to harmful gases, high temperatures, and high humidity. New building materials (such as coated plywood) and newly-manufactured furniture, paints and bonding agents are a possible source of formalin vapor. Do not store loaded cameras or film within their vicinity. After loading film into a camera, you should expose it as soon as possible. For long-term storage, keep film in a refrigerator (at a temperature below 10°C). Place opened film packs into polyethylene or vinyl bags before refrigerating them. After removing film from a refrigerator, you should wait (at least 12 hours) for it to reach room temperature before opening it. If you open the film while it is still cold, it may be adversely affected by condensation.

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