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    How to Choose the Best Books for Children? A Short Guide

    Even though the twenty-first century is deemed the age of technology, exposing children to the internet at a tender age isn't recommended. Books are what experts suggest for children to read and gain knowledge from.

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    When choosing books for kids, the child's age and grasping power are the two primary things that need to be considered. If you are selecting a book for a toddler, animal books for kids with bright pictures and graphics might go a long way to grasp the child's attention.

    Alternately, you could invest in books that introduce alphabets and numbers at this age. Skyblue Stationery Mart has an array of toddler-friendly books that initiate your kids' introduction to the world of letters and numbers in the most vivacious and child-friendly manner.

    How to Know the Best Pick?

    Purchasing books for kids is always a difficult task. You must keep aside your literary beliefs and understanding when picking books for children. For example, you might not be fond of comic books for kids, but with all the illustrations and graphics, kids are generally ushered into the world of reading through these books.

    If you are choosing books for 10 to 12-year-olds, you can shift away from comics and slowly introduce fiction books for kids, perhaps the abridged and illustrated versions for a better understanding.

    Buy the Best Comic Book for Children

    The first kind of books most children take to reading by themselves is inevitably comic books. The colorful graphics alongside easy-to-understand tales are, in fact, a great way to inculcate the habit of reading in your children.

    Apart from the noted western comics, such as Tin Tin and Asterix, many simpler stories (such as stories from Panchatantra and Aesop's Tales) are now available as comics for children and toddlers. You can browse through an array of books for children online and purchase them from the comfort of your home through Skyblue Stationery Mart.

    Reasons to Choose Skyblue Stationery Mart

    Choosing books for kids is an uphill task and with the physical stores having only a small collection, the options become extremely limited. This is where Skyblue Stationery Mart comes in handy. You can browse through an array of craft books for kids as well as interesting books for children to read on their own at Skyblue Stationery Mart's online store. Its easy browsing interface and hassle-free payment options make shopping an exciting experience without having to leave the comfort of your couch.


    1. What are the most popular books for 9-year-olds?

    A. Fiction for kids is generally recommended for 9-year-olds. However, while picking the first fiction book for your kid, ensure they are abridged versions of classics with preferably good illustrations for children to get hooked to reading.

    2. What should an 11-year-old read?

    A. For 11-year-olds, both comics and fiction can be great reads. Recognized comic books, such as Tin Tin and Asterix, and classic fiction can be furnished to 11-year-olds for reading.

    3. What are some kid-friendly comic books?

    A. Some of the most kid-friendly comic books are Asterix, Tin Tin, Scooby Doo, and Spiderman. Indian tales from Panchatantra are often made into comics for better understanding. You can easily get these books at Skyblue Stationery Mart.

    4. Is it okay for kids to read comics?

    A. Comics are great for creating the habit of reading in children. However, as a parent, always see the content of the comics (you would want to steer clear of explicit language and violence) before buying comic books for kids.

    5. What is the best comic book for beginners?

    A. Fairytale comics, DC Comics, Tinkle, etc., can be good books for kids or those who want to start reading comics.

    6. At what age can kids read comic books?

    A. Kids can be given comic books to read at around four years of age. They, at that time, can slowly start reading by themselves, thus enjoying the process of reading comics and learning more about interaction.