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    40 products

    Buy the Best Sketch Pencils Online in India from Skyblue Stationery Mart

    Sketching is every artist’s labor of love. It is a unique way to express yourself and allows you to better understand your emotions. Pencil sketching is also a way to rejuvenate your mind and be free from worldly problems, at least for a few hours.

    Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished artist, you need to be aware of the variety of sketch pencils and scribbles and select the best one per your artistic needs. The best pencils used for coloring and drawing are available in different lead grades to suit various projects.

    If you need the best HB, 2B, 3B, and 6B sketch pencils, shop online at Skyblue Stationery Mart. You can choose from some of the best sketch pencil brands online, such as Faber-Castell, Derwent, Cretacolor, Levin, Prismacolor, Mt Hub, and more. Also, if you want to buy pastel colors, watercolors, or coloring pens, we have you covered.

    Be confident in your purchase as we have premium and high-quality graphite, charcoal, and sketching pencils. Our world-class sketch art supplies come with affordable price tags to meet the burgeoning needs of every artist.

    We have the best sketch pencils that:

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    Types of Sketches in India

    A sketch is a rough layout of a drawing. They are considered to capture the main idea roughly and quickly. Sketches can also be a collection of drawings, including thumbnails, small drawings, figure drawings, observation layouts, and more. Some of the most popular types of sketches are:


    A croquis is a rough draft of an individual or scene prepared by the artist. It is a quick and sketchy drawing that is usually made in a few minutes. Today, fashion designers make an outline silhouette of live models and refer to it as croquis.

    Portrait Sketch

    A portrait sketch is a drawing of people, animals, and other living entities. This sketch is made with colored pencils, graphite pencils, charcoal, watercolors, or oil paint.


    A pochade is a type of painting sketch in which the artist uses colors to capture the atmosphere of a scene. Unlike croquis, which is line art, a pochade captures the fleeting effect of light for the chosen landscape painting.

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    1. Which is darker, 2B or HB?

    For graphite drawing pencils, the term "HB" stands for "hard black." Graphite grading scales indicate the hardness or softness of the lead. The higher the number, the harder the pencil lead will be. That means the 2B pencil is darker than HB.

    2. Which drawing pencil sketch supplies are best for beginners?

    For simple sketching, the HB pencil is an ideal fit. Today, artists also prefer H pencils for illustration. In this case, 2H–4H pencils are great options. Moreover, the softer B pencils are considered the best for shading. You can opt for HB and H pencils for fine and light shading. Consider buying the best sketch hard pencils online if you do technical drawings.

    3. What is the difference between sketching pencils?

    Sketching graphite pencils in India are available in various grades, ranging from 9B to 9H. The H refers to hard, and the B stands for black. The pencils that are classified as B are softer, but the marks are darker. The higher the number, the blacker or harder they are. That means 4B is darker than a 2B pencil.

    Similarly, the hardness of the pencil is determined by the number of Hs. That means a 4H pencil is harder but lighter than a 2H pencil. Then there are HB pencils that fall between the two categories and are used for writing and drawing.

    4. What is the lightest pencil for sketching?

    The 9H is the lightest and hardest graphite pencil. It can be used to draw fine lines with indents.