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    A Guide to Buying the Best Canvas Boards for Acrylic Painting

    Every painting deserves a good surface. If you are looking for large canvas boards for painting, it is time to read this handy guide to understand the nitty-gritty of buying canvas boards for painting online.

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    What are Canvas Boards Used for?

    Canvas boards for painting are stiff backing surfaces made of wood. On top of this surface, a canvas or paper meant for oil / acrylic paintings is stuck using rivets. Collectively, this assembly can be positioned on an easel to allow artists a comfortable and accessible position to paint.

    The best canvas boards for oil painting have the surface tightly stretched and tacked to the back of the frame so that it remains taut enough to handle the artist’s brush pressure.

    Sometimes, canvas boards for oil painting may be made in the form of a frame instead of a board, with a thick canvas stretched across the front.

    Different Types of Canvas Boards

    There are three major types of canvas boards for painting available online. They are listed below.

    Canvas Boards for Oil Painting

    These canvas boards have zinc white as the primer, which is bound with linseed oil. After applying this layer, the board is air-dried for three days before sanding the layer and applying a coat of titanium white to it. The board is then air-dried for ten days before it is fit for use.

    Absorbent Canvas Boards

    These canvas boards have two layers of chalk primer bound by glue derived from rabbit skins (these boards may not be very animal-friendly). The canvases are dried in an air-dry oven because the chalk primer is water-based, allowing quicker drying time through evaporation.

    Universal Canvas Boards

    The only difference between universal canvas boards and absorbent canvas boards is the layer and material of the primer. While absorbent canvas boards have water-based chalk primer, the primer for versatile canvases is titanium white. The other treatments and processes remain the same for universal canvas boards.

    Factors to Consider While Selecting Canvas Boards

    When buying blank canvas boards for painting, consider the factors listed below to make the best selection.

    Purpose of the Canvas

    Before you spend too much on buying a canvas, think about your use. If you are experimenting with paintings and learning about using a canvas board, then it is best to invest in cheap canvas boards for painting. However, if you are serious about putting your expression down in the paint, invest in good linen canvas boards for oil painting.

    Choice of Paint for the Canvas

    Canvas boards are generally good with any type of paint, so you don’t need to worry much about what to get. However, you need to know how paints other than acrylic and oil will behave on a canvas board so that when you begin your painting, you know exactly what to expect.

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