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    Add Vibrancy and Texture to Your Paintings with Skyblue Stationery Mart's Gouache Colors

    Gouache is an opaque watercolor, a mix of oil and water-based paints. Though traditionally used in design, today, gouache color is popular among commercial artists for painting posters, illustrations, and comics. The paint is desirable for its ability to dry quickly.

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    The Different Gouache Paint Types

    Traditional Gouache Color

    A traditional gouache is a water-based paint containing large pigment particles. They must be mixed with water before applying them to a canvas or any other surface. You can reactivate these paints even after drying for touch-ups or other minor changes.

    Traditional gouache has a higher capacity than conventional watercolors to make deeper shades. You can often see gouache colors on children’s poster books, book covers, and professional illustrations.

    Acrylic Gouache Color

    Acrylic gouache is the opaque version of traditional gouache. This variety of gouache contains acrylic binders that make them waterproof. Unlike traditional gouache, you can use acrylic gouache straight from the tube without adding water.

    Acrylic gouache is loved by artists who like to layer and use vivid colors in their artwork. It allows you to over-paint in layers without smearing. You can adjust and fix the paint while it’s still wet.

    Things to Look out for While Selecting Gouache Paints


    Gouache color sets come in three different quality grades. Each is suited for painters with varying degrees of experience. The artist’s grade is the highest quality and most expensive option. Next is designer gouache, slightly lower in quality and price than the artist grade. The third is the student gouache, an affordable option for beginners. Make a pick according to your requirement and budget.


    Gouache paints are often packed as individual colors or pans of different colors. Some people prefer tubes as they are easy to replace when finished. However, some tubes are difficult to squeeze. So be careful to look for packaging options that are comfortable to use.

    Drying Time

    The drying time of gouache color paintings varies from brand to brand. Some dry within seconds, while others take a little longer. The choice will again depend on your requirement.

    Color Spectrum and Size

    Make sure to choose a gouache color palette that has the necessary spectrum of colors you require. Also, gouache colors are available in tubes of different sizes. Pick the right size and spectrum based on your project requirement.

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