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    Sharpeners can make or break your pencil’s ability to write. Even the finest pencil is useless without a tool to shave away its worn surface. Skyblue Stationery Mart offers the best pencil sharpeners from top brands at the lowest prices. We also provide free shipping on orders above Rs. 799 and cash on delivery to give you the utmost convenience while fulfilling your stationery and gifting requirements.

    Things to Look for in a Pencil Sharpener

    While a sharpener may seem like a simple tool, there are many factors you need to consider to find the perfect one for your pencil. So be sure to check these out!


    Pencils come in different sizes. So you must ensure that the sharpener you pick can accommodate them. While 8mm is the most common diameter, a bigger pencil can run up to 10.5 mm. So keep the size of your pencil in mind while selecting your sharpener.


    Along with the size, shapes also vary from pencil to pencil. Hexagonal, circular, and triangle are the three most commonly available shapes. While most sharpeners can handle all of them, some may be specifically designed for a particular shape.

    Sharpening Angle

    The degree of the sharpening angle is another important consideration in a sharpener. A larger angle may let you use the pencil longer, but it is prone to fast breakage. Conversely, smaller angles are sturdier with less lead breakage.

    Lead Point

    You should check how pointed the lead becomes on sharpening. Some people like super-pointed tips, while others prefer blunt-rounded tips.


    Pick a sharpener with sharp blades. You don’t want a sharpener that sharpens unevenly or dents your pencil.

    Compartment for Pencil Shavings

    With a compartment for shavings, you won’t have to rush to the dustbin every time you sharpen your pencil. This is great for writing on the go and also saves time. But if you prefer lightweight sharpeners for your small pencil case, go for compartment-free ones.

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