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    Though color pencils are usually associated with childhood, color pencil sets are also used by adults. Furthermore, artists and sketch lovers regularly employ colored pencils in their sketches because they offer a spectrum of possibilities—especially in their shades. While numerous professional sets include a group of attractive colors, you can layer these shades to get a better dimension in your artwork. Hence it might not be wrong that artists primarily use colored pencils to make their work look more stunning. Besides that, given its convenience, many beginner artists usually love experimenting with color pencils to learn how to get those perfect shades.

    Buy Color Pencils Online at the Lowest Price in India

    Selecting the best color pencils can be quite challenging. Nevertheless, it is essential to find your favorites, as honing your art tools will make creating your art more delightful.

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    Different Types of Color Pencils

    There are usually three types of color pencils, and they are as follows:

    • Wax-based color pencils
    • A majority of color pencils available in the market are wax-based. Moreover, the right quantity of wax provides the color pencil with a smooth consistency which helps the color flow better. The wax in your color pencil also sticks to the surface more smoothly, and you can quickly add multiple layers without bothering about smears.

    • Oil-based color pencils
    • Oil-based color pencils use oil to bind the colors and spread it on the canvas or sheet (though they still have some wax). It implies they have little distinguishable texture. Furthermore, these oil-based color pencils are less likely to break and won’t need to be sharpened as often.

    • Watercolor pencils
    • Watercolor pencils are entirely different from wax and oil-based pencil colors and contain a water-soluble gum. This water-soluble gum helps the shades blend perfectly with water and gives a texture to paint colors. It indicates that watercolor pencils are fully capable of creating watercolor paintings by mixing them with water and a paintbrush to blend colors.

    Some of Our Best-Selling Color Pencils

    Here are some of our best-selling color pencils:

    Factors to Consider While Selecting Color Pencils

    Here are some factors to keep in mind while choosing color pencils.

    • Take a look at permeance.
    • All craft mediums such as colors can wither over time as sunlight and humidity break down the molecular adhesives of the colors. The capability to withstand this process is known as "lightfastness," and it's a significant concern for artists who wish their work to last longer. So whenever buying Faber-Castell color pencils or any other brand, check their permeance capacity.

    • Compare different brands
    • When comparing different pencil color brands, you'll discover that they all have a special assortment of texture, permanence, color pencil price, and dye concentration. It makes some brands better than others. So when purchasing colored pencils, do not forget to compare different brands.

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