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    There are immense benefits to being organized. It makes you more productive at studies and work, reduces distraction, and keeps you away from unnecessary stress. Skyblue Stationery Mart's items help you stay organized and focused, so you can excel in your studies and career. Whether you require stationery for school or office, you can now buy quality stationery items online and get them delivered right to your doorstep!

    List of Stationery Items for Schools

    Study Table Lamps

    A well-lit study table can be a great mood booster for children, especially while cramming for an upcoming exam. A study table lamp helps them focus on a specific area on their table and leave all distractions in the dark. It also prevents eye strain by pointing the light directly at the reading material. You can find a selection of LED study table lamps with chargeable USB cables at Skyblue Stationery Mart. Pick the color and design you like!

    Book Stands

    Do you often find your children complaining about misplaced books? expandable book stand will make their life a lot easier. It will not only keep the study table tidy but also spare you the stress of not finding the right books every morning before school.

    Files and Folders

    While we generally associate files and folders with office stationery, school students can also find a lot of use for them. It can hold their projects, report cards, important newspaper cuttings, certificates, drawings and what not! It would be fun to open a file and go through some old creations! So get your kids a file and teach them the importance of being organized early on.

    Staplers and Punches

    You may not require staplers and punches regularly, but they can come in handy while completing school projects. So better make them a part of your school stationery items list as they may not be readily available in nearby stores when you need them.

    Clips and Pins

    Are you in the habit of making notes on loose sheets? Use a paper clip to hold them together so you do not lose important documents. Skyblue Stationery Mart has all you need to keep your documents organized, from colorful clips to push-in pins and binder clips.

    Sticky Notes

    Whether you need to jot down quick notes or prepare a to-do list, the versatile sticky notes serve many purposes. It’s especially useful for high school students to mark pages in their bulky books. You can also use multi-colored sticky notes to label your folders so you can easily find what you’re studying.


    It’s amazing how we never seem to have tape in moments of crisis. Make a habit of carrying a small sellotape in your stationery box. You never know when it might come in handy.

    Why Should You Choose Skyblue Stationery Mart?

    Whether you require stationery for school or office, Skyblue Stationery Mart has you covered on all essential supplies. You can browse our vast collections from top brands, including Faber Castell, Cello, Kangaro, Camlin, Epoke, Camel, Key road, Apsara, and many more. So make a list of stationery items for school and conveniently shop online at Skyblue Stationery Mart.