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    Calligraphy pens for beginners have certain interesting features that help the artists deliver varying stroke widths and graceful streaks in lettering. Some of these features are described below.


    Calligraphy pens have three major types of nibs that deliver different strokes.

    • Round nib: The round nib delivers even stroke width and consistent thickness of lettering. The ball at the tip can be of varying sizes to determine stroke width.
    • Flat nib: Flat nibs are used to achieve the line width variations in downstrokes, overturns, compound curves, and ascending and descending loops used in calligraphy lettering.
    • Flexible nibs: Flexible nibs usually have pointy tips that expand when pressure is applied – this causes the stroke width to increase.

    Filling System

    Many brush pens for calligraphy have prefilled ink barrels. Other calligraphy pens work with dip mechanisms, while some can be refilled with bottled ink (pens with converters or ink barrels).


    Calligraphy pens usually have wooden bodies with a broader grip area and a very narrow, light extender to help keep the center of gravity closer to the hand; it helps achieve better lettering. Modern calligraphy pens are designed to look like any other pen, though, with detachable nibs of different kinds.

    Various Techniques to Try with the Best Brush Pens for Calligraphy

    Before buying calligraphy pens online, read about the various techniques to get the lettering right and make the most out of your purchase. Here are some basic techniques of calligraphy to get you started.


    Lettering in calligraphy with brush pens involves seven basic strokes:

    • Downstroke / full-pressure
    • Upstroke / Hairline
    • Entry
    • Overturn
    • Underturn
    • Oval
    • Compound curve

    Practicing all the strokes mentioned above using good quality calligraphy pens helps you set your lettering in this art.

    Writing Rhythm

    In calligraphy, writing rhythm is an important technique to learn. This art requires that each stroke take roughly the same amount of time to write. Through practice with brush pens, you can train your hands to write each stroke of a letter consistently.

    Spacing of Letters

    Calligraphy letters aren’t all spaced the same. Narrow letters like “I” need greater spacing than the other, easily discernible letters, like “b.” Learning the technique to space each letter right helps to write beautiful calligraphy.

    Using Nibs

    There are various kinds of nibs available in calligraphy pens. To develop a good hand at this art, you should practice with different types of calligraphy nibs.

    Types of Calligraphy Pens

    You have the option to choose from a variety of calligraphy pens as described below.


    As the name suggests, felt-tip calligraphy pens are incredibly handy and are generally used for signing certificates and awards.

    Fountain Pens

    Calligraphists use fountain pens with flat, stub, or chisel nibs to get fluid lines with grading and ink drama.

    Dip Pens

    Dip pens require a dipping bottle with ink to be used for calligraphy. After every few letters, you must dip your nib in ink to refill its reservoir.

    Brush Pens

    The most versatile of all calligraphy pens are brush pens. They have a brush-like nib with colorful ink ready to be used.

    Factors to Consider While Selecting a Calligraphy Pen

    Not all calligraphy pens are suitable for everyone. Consider the following before you select one:

    • Nib type. Are you comfortable handling the kind of nib you are choosing?
    • What paper would you be using? Brush and fountain pens may bleed and blotch on thin paper.
    • How frequently would you be practicing this art? Felt tip pens may not be fit for long-time use. Consider getting dip pens instead.

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