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    52 products

    Get the Best Art Kits for Kids Online in India

    Art is a beautiful way of self-expression. It encourages creativity and imagination in children and hones their problem-solving skills. So introduce your kids to the bright world of arts and colors by providing them with a nice set of art kits for kids. Not only will they keep children from being glued to the television all the time, but they also help with their cognitive and social-emotional development.

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    Creative Art and Craft Product for Kids

    Art Paints

    Kids love to use paint colors for their projects and experiments. So it might be fun to explore liquid watercolor with your children. But if you're worried about the marks and stains, you can try the washable tempera paint. They're versatile, non-toxic, budget-friendly, and perfect for kids to start their painting journey.

    Paint Brushes

    Provide your kids with ergonomic paint brushes so they do not strain their delicate hands in their creative pursuits. You can always start with the versatile flat brush and move on to the liner or angular ones as your kids get more experienced.

    Sketch Supplies

    For artistic kids, sketchbooks are their little bundle of joy. Full of creative art and craft ideas for kids, the book transports them to a fascinating world of drawing and coloring. Pair it with a set of fun sketch pens so your child can learn art in an enjoyable way.

    Paper and Canvasses

    Have your children spill out their creativity in good quality canvasses. You can then display them as décor items in your living room.

    Calligraphy Kits

    If your kid is inclined towards fancy writing, you should introduce them to calligraphy kits. The joyful activity is a great way to develop children's motor skills and spelling retention.

    Best Art and Craft Kits for Kids

    Bring out the creativity in your kids with these best art and craft kits for kids available at SkyBlue Stationery Mart:

    Why Choose SkyBlue?

    Skyblue Stationery Mart is your one-stop destination for all varieties of art and craft kits for kids. Our online store features products from top brands, including Faber Castell, Doms, Camlin, Epoke, Pidilite, Apsara, and many more. So buy essential kids' art supplies from us today and help them explore their creative side.


    1. What to get for kids who like art?

    The answer would differ from kid to kid. You can always start with a fun sketching set or doodle books that teach them different drawing techniques. If your child shows an affinity for paints, you can introduce them to watercolors, acrylic colors, tempera, and other paint options.

    2. What to get an artistic seven years old?

    You can get plenty of things for a creative seven-year-old. There are sketchbooks, drawing pads, washable paint colors, paint brushes, DIY craft kits, stamp pads, marker pens, etc. You can take their opinion on what they enjoy the most.

    3. What do you put in an art kit?

    The primary tools you should have in your art kit include a graphite pencil, eraser, drawing paper, painting surface, paint colors, brushes, and a palette. You can further add extra materials as you deem fit.