Brustro Metallic Brush Pen Set 10
Brustro Metallic Brush Pen Set 10
Brustro Metallic Brush Pen Set 10
Brustro Metallic Brush Pen Set 10

Brustro Metallic Brush Pen Set 10

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  • Metallic Colours- 10 vibrant shades – gold, silver, red, blue, bronze, green, purple, sea- green, black, white.
  •  They work on most surfaces, both on dark and light surfaces. 
  • Non-Toxic Brush pens – Japanese nibs. 
  • Made with specially formulated, opaque, indelible ink, permanent on most surfaces. 
  • These are water-based. xylene-free and odourless.
  •  Environmental friendly, premium quality ink is chemically stable, fade-resistant and dries quickly. 
  • Works on most surfaces like cardstock, black paper, stone, plastic, glass, ceramics, fabric, metal and wood. 
  • A great choice for scrapbook kit, photo album, gift card marking, thank you cards and more. 
  • Brustro Metallic brush pens are a great media to use for art projects, black paper crafts, diy crafts, drawing, gift making, customized mugs, rock painting, adult colouring activities, and holiday decorations.
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  • Carbon neutral
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Brustro Metallic Brush Pens with Japanese nibs are the jewels of the pen world – they contain shimmering ink that adds a finishing touch. In 10 different colours, they create smooth, even finishes with a lustrous sheen. Our metallic pens are great for adding that little bit of magic and lustre to your illustration. Rest assured that you will enjoy using these products which are easily the best tool for adding that pop of shimmer to your artwork! Brustro Metallic Brush Pens with Japanese nibs are ideal for modern calligraphy, scrapbooking, crafts and so much more. Whether you’re an artist, letterer, crafter, or a calligrapher, brush pens deserve a place in your pen cases. The 10 metallic shades lay down swaths of bright and shimmery colours with each stroke. There’s something truly magical about the way the ink flows to create everything from beautiful dramatic lettering to elegant calligraphy.

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